Sanitary System Maintenance

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Sanitary System Maintenance

These systems consist of septic tanks, grease traps and overflow leaching cesspools. Septic tanks and grease traps should be maintained by monthly or quarterly services which remove the solid waste. The leaching cesspools take the overflow liquids which drains into the ground through the sand bottoms of structures. Over time some of these solids make their way into the leaching cesspools. This clogs the sand bottoms and can destroy the drainage of the sanitary systems by creating system backups which require pumping.

Restoring proper drainage of these structures require maintenance. The removal of all liquids from leaching cesspools is necessary. Removal can be performed by a pump truck or trailer. Then a vactor will remove the bottom sediment from these structures. Often, bank run soil is required to be placed back into leaching pools to insure them from settling.

This is a more costly option than a storm drain maintenance due to the soil disposal cost. This soil is considered a non-hazardous waste and is disposed at an approved transfer facility. This service will restore drainage and save on future costs because the need for excessive pumping from backups will no longer be an issue.

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